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Upgrade your ability to lead, influence, and drive change. Promote higher-level thinking and innovation.


Access new levels of performance, increased engagement, innovation, and more effective alignment to vision.



Amazing resources that are full of powerful, relevant insights. These are designed to have an immediate impact in your leadership and your business.


Having a singular focus and engaged partnership for your business, your leadership and your life has the potential to create powerful shifts. Would you like a partner that is dedicated to helping you tap into new capabilities and potential?

In my one-on-one work with entrepreneurs and leaders, we go deep to create transformative and sustained impact.


Being in the company of like-minded, high achieving individuals, exploring your impact, your work and your business is a powerful experience. An incredible momentum and collective wisdom emerge and every participant benefits.

These programs are a space for connections, new insights and real-world results. They connect you to a powerful understanding that will change the game for your work and life.


Does having someone in your corner sound good to you? Would you like to have a partner that supports your development, your impact and orients you in the direction of new potential and real-world results?

My work and my life have been touched deeply by mentors and teachers. Working with others in this way, has proven to create powerful shifts.


Creating a variety of rich & engaging opportunities to learn, deepen and connect with others is an important part of my work.

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Barb is smart, powerful and brings out the best in me. I am a better coach and business woman because of her. While coaching with Barb my business has doubled, and my overall earning potential has skyrocketed!!
Carrie Cunnington

Founder, Cunnington Shift

Barb was instrumental in getting me where I am today. When I started working with her we were at 10 stores and today we are at 22 stores and growing!
Marie D.

Owner & Founder, Mainstream Boutique

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Barb Patterson and work closely with her. I’ve witnessed her working with coaches, leaders and groups, and whether she’s one-on-one or on stage in front of a room, her presence, grounding, and insight create a powerful space for growth and change. Basically, I feel comfortable putting her in front of the room with anyone, regardless of their background or level of expertise, which is why I have invited her to be part of the faculty for Supercoach Academy and why I recommend her to anyone looking to make changes with their people and to take their business forward.
Michael Neill

International Bestselling Author of The Space Within and CEO of Genius Catalyst Inc.

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