Small Group Programs - Barbara Patterson



This high-impact experience is for anyone looking for fresh perspective, new insight and real-world results in their business. I offer a 4-day private accelerator session for individual business owners and a 6-month small group business accelerator program for entrepreneurs/solopreneurs that are interested in a longer-term, robust, in-depth experience with other like-minded successful business owners.

During the business accelerator sessions we get “into” your business. We go deep, we explore, we get creative and we identify new possibilities. These are not “pie in the sky”; these are REAL OPPORTUNITIES and designed to help you make a huge leap in your results.

These sessions create a powerful environment that fosters new ideas, collaboration, creative problem-solving and a new momentum. This is built on a foundational understanding of the key drivers behind performance and the role our minds play in accessing new capabilities within.


 Meaningful and enriching off-sites can act as invaluable pivot points for creating internal change. I work with companies to customize unique retreats based on defined business objectives.

The goal of these retreats is to facilitate powerful conversations, collaboration and a clear direction. These retreats are based on educating and sharing a foundational understanding of state-of-mind and its direct impact to our ability to connect, listen, influence and align. 

These retreats help leadership teams gain new clarity, engagement, well-being and resilience.


Investing in the right talent matters more now than ever.  In 2019, I will be launching an in-depth, high-potential leadership program. This program is designed to accelerate the growth and readiness of key talent.

It will include in-person sessions, one-on-one coaching, virtual webinars, instruction from thought leaders, and action-learning projects. Helping your high-potential leaders get ready for new roles and expectations is a critical factor in the long-term health of a company. Focusing development where you will get the greatest return on investment just makes sense.

If you’d like to know more and keep informed as we prepare to launch, click below.