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A 4-month in-depth, intimate, mentoring program designed to take your impact and your results to new levels.

Bringing the understanding of the Principles behind performance, impact and fulfillment to the game of business.

Deepen your understanding, engage with more freedom of mind, connect more powerfully with your clients, access more wisdom and creativity and watch your business grow.

Get the mentoring and support you desire to create a business and life that reflects your highest potential.

Go Beyond Limits. Access Fresh Creativity. Gain New Momentum.

Are you a soloprenuer (consultant, coach, freelancer, small business owner) out there on your own working to create a business that funds your life?

Would you like someone in your corner giving you new insight, fresh perspective and creative ideas that lead to greater impact and results?

Have you found yourself plateaued at a certain level in your business?

Would you benefit from real-time, relevant feedback and support?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I get it. That’s why I’ve created this small group mentoring program. There is power and insight when we gather with others and look in the direction of new potential and new results.

If you would like to step into a creative and transformative space that aligns to your deeper nature and allows you to experience new growth and impact in your work and businesses, this is the space for you.

This 4-month program for solopreneurs is Barb’s small group, in-depth mentoring and coaching program, designed to offer an insightful, relevant, meaningful experience that leads to more fulfillment, greater impact and business growth.

With a focus on six key tenets, this programs ensures continued shifts in performance and realizations that are leveraged for both your life and your business.


Deepen Understanding & Grounding of the Principles behind our Mind

The Real Source of doing well in business and life is directly related to the quality of our minds. And when we don’t know that or see it – we often pull the wrong lever when we’re trying to improve ourselves or our results. We will explore this understanding in the context of business, creativity and accessing new capabilities within ourselves.

Engage Fully

When we engage fully, without attachment, we experience higher levels of inspiration and fulfillment in our work. We tap into new momentum. By simply engaging in the next step, magic happens.
We get clear, we get informed. Momentum gathers and we tap into the creative flow. During these 4 months there will be lots of opportunity to engage in your work and business in new ways, to surprise yourself and make new leaps in your results.

Authentic Presence & Connection

Our Being Fuels our Doing. There is something profound and powerful when we show up, present, connected and real. Where we come from – our presence – shapes every encounter we have and every activity we do in our work.  Showing up with our authentic presence includes our presence and the presence of something greater than us. Seeing this allows us to let go of unhelpful persona’s and ideas of what it takes to succeed and has us connect to our True Nature.

Powerful Impact

Impact with our clients is the cornerstone of growth in our businesses. To have deep, profound and sustainable impact with our clients requires an ability to transfer our understanding, our grounding; to get engaged, be present and be real. Our willingness to be ourselves, in real-time, connected to the person or group in front of us, has the ability to influence and transform.

Real-Time Feedback and Support

This 4-month mentoring program is designed in such a way to offer coaching, feedback and business collaboration in real-time. Feedback will be relevant and customized to your needs. All business owners receive value by having a fresh set of eyes helping to shift perspective, problem solve or new product creation.

One-on-One Coaching combined with Collective Group Wisdom

Barb will be your personal coach and mentor during these 4-months. In addition, the small group format allows everyone to benefit from the collective wisdom of the group. The power of the small group combined with the personalized one-on-one coaching is designed to elevate the overall experience and your results.

Each of these components comes together to create a rich, inspiring, results-oriented experience with lots of fun along the way.

When business owners are able to connect the dots between the formless creative potential of their minds and the form of their work in the world…they do work that matters and create solid successful businesses


Barb is smart, powerful and brings out the best in me. I am a better coach and business woman because of her. While coaching with Barb my business has doubled, and my overall earning potential has skyrocketed!!

Carrie Cunnington

Founder, Cunnington Shift,<br /> USA

Barb Patterson is my trusted advisor, experienced trainer and dedicated coach. She holds me and my business as a priority and helps me settle down, hear and carry out my own wisdom. Barb has been pivotal in my development as executive coach and growing my business.

Mads Qwist

Human Potential Expert,<br /> Denmark

Barb was one of my first ever mentors in this field. I instantly felt that she ‘got me’. From day one Barb coached me with compassion but also firmly pointed me away from my busy thinking and got me out of my own way. I learned many things from Barb but one of the fundamental things I saw was how we get inspired then stop ourselves from moving into action. That insight alone has had a huge impact on my business.

Nicola Bird

A Little Piece of Mind,<br /> UK

and get 3 additional one-on-one coaching sessionsWHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE 4-MONTH SMALL GROUP MENTORING PROGRAM…


  • ✓ 2 Virtual Retreats
  • 2-Day Virtual Kick-Off Retreat:
    Friday, September 24th & Saturday, September 25th, 2021
    This is our kick-off session. You will have a chance to get to know the other participants and create a powerful creative space for fresh ideas and new results.  We will focus on grounding, “where we come from” in our work which creates a whole new foundation from which to build and grow your business. You will walk away with more inspiration, clarity, insight and specific actions to take over the coming months.
  • 2-Day Virtual Closing Retreat:
    Friday, January 28th & Saturday, January 29th, 2021

    In our final session together, we will continue to support the future expansion, impact and growth of your business. We will leverage the collective wisdom & insights of the group to expand on the foundation that has been built. We will celebrate progress, deepen grounding and lay a path forward.
  • ✓ Group Coaching Mastermind Sessions:
    1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month

    These are designed to be engaging and to gain momentum and traction in your work and impact. During these group coaching sessions, we get “into” your business. We go deep, we explore, we get creative and we identify new possibilities. We brainstorm, coach and mastermind for real opportunities within your business. I cannot overstate the value of coming together with like-minded individuals and accessing the creative and collective wisdom of the group. Often it is through witnessing other’s insights that we tap into new levels of performance in our own businesses.
  • ✓ Monthly One-on-One coaching/supervision calls: These calls are designed to offer real-time coaching, mentoring and support. Topics include business strategy, client impact, growth and grounding.
  • ✓ Office Hours 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the Month: These are optional and designed to support ongoing “just-in-time” needs for feedback, encouragement and coaching. You can show up for immediate, actionable support for projects, client situations, questions, etc.
  • ✓ Masterclass Sessions: Throughout the four months, I may invite special guests to share personal insights and practical lessons that have helped them in their business journey. Guests will be determined based on experience, success, grounding and what would be helpful for the small group participants.
  • ✓ Access to resources and network: Throughout the program, I will share additional resources. (trainings, videos, audios, books, etc.


  • ✓ EARLY BIRD BONUS: Enroll by September 10th, 2021
    and get 3 additional one-on-one coaching sessions



DEEPER UNDERSTANDING and grounding in the Principles behind performance

GREATER IMPACT in your work

CREATIVE IDEAS for your business

TANGIBLE REAL-WORLD SOLUTIONS that will directly affect your business

SIGNIFICANT SHIFTS in creativity, confidence and problem-solving

ENGAGED ACTION with more joy and inspiration

TAP INTO NATURAL MOMENTUM and make new progress where it’s looked challenging


AUTHENTIC CONNECTION to yourself and others



Amy Johnson

Scott Kelly

Rohini Ross

Angus Ross

This is for you if…
You already have an established business with clients
Want to take your grounding, impact and business results to new levels
You sometimes find it hard to know exactly what you want, where to focus or how to get there
You know you have more potential than you’ve realized so far
You want to be with like-minded people in a creative, inspiring, supportive environment
You want to turn creative ideas into tangible results
You would benefit from support, feedback, collaborative brainstorming and insight into your impact, business ideas and growth



The 4-month Beyond Limits Small Group Virtual Mentoring Program is $4750.


EARLY BIRD BONUS: Enroll by Sept 10th, 2021 and get 3 additional one-on-one coaching sessions

Only 10 Spots Available



If you would like to learn more & see if the small group mentoring program is a fit, please fill out the application. It is not a commitment. It is an opportunity for us to connect, get to know each other, answer any questions you have and see if this is the right next step for you and your business.

I consider myself unbelievably fortunate to have met Barb Patterson. I have been both coached and mentored by her and there is no way to truly measure the tremendous impact that has had on my own growth as well as the success of my business. I have gained so much from her wealth of experience, her willingness to share her successes and failures, and her practical guidance on creating a thriving business that I love. You cannot have a conversation with Barb and not be eternally impacted by her humor, grace and wisdom.

Kelly Ramon

Executive Coach & Business Consultant,<br /> USA

As someone who can suffer from paralyzing overwhelm, I have found working with Barb to be incredibly powerful in how I handle the day to day running of my business.  She has a calmness and insightfulness in the way she coaches and mentors that cuts through the “noise” and fog in my head allowing me to see what truly matters in my business and how to handle things differently. I couldn’t recommend Barb highly enough to anyone wanting to have a greater impact in their life and their business.

Fiona Lukeis

Coach, Mentor, Facilitator,<br /> Australia

Over the past 4 years, Barb’s coaching and mentoring has had a massive impact on my personal and work life. Her human-ness, compassion mixed with an unwavering desire to help me see the truth about my life and how my experience is created has brought both relief and incredible joy. Barb has been instrumental in helping me show up more and truthfully, authentically with more ease and I am eternally grateful.

Wyn Morgan

Wynning Coaching & Training,<br /> UK

Experience fresh insights and tap into new levels of engagement, momentum and results…

the keys to a successful and fulfilling business.



I’ve worked in the personal, professional and organizational development field for over 25 years. I have coached and mentored leaders & entrepreneurs from around the world. I have worked both internally as an executive and have owned my own business. I have mentored business owners, coaches and consultants to have greater impact and grow their businesses. I know what it takes to create sustained success and I love helping business owners connect their authentic expression and their potential with real-world results. Helping entrepreneurs go beyond and tap into new levels of success is one of my greatest joys.

Still not sure? Please email your questions and we will respond promptly.


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