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YOU BE YOU 2-Day Workshop March 11 & 12, 2023. What if the key to unlocking new opportunities and accessing the full creative potential for your business and life is simply being yourself?


I’m a global coach and consultant who helps leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches have fresh ideas, create incredible impact, and profit from stronger performance. By helping my clients access the untapped potential of their minds, they find new levels of success with less stress, while fostering a rich and fulfilling work and home life.

When you run a company and lead others, having someone who is direct, tells you the truth and challenges you to expand your thinking has proven to be a rare and powerful resource. I’m a better leader and I make smarter decisions with Barb by my side.
David H.

Co-Founder, Mystride™

A few years ago, I ran across a hidden variable within each of us that either empowers or disempowers us. When people understand the nature of that hidden variable it changes everything.

It gives us the ability to thrive, influence, make smart decisions, build a business, connect with clients, family and friends more powerfully… and do it all with more ease and grace.


This hidden variable, based on a set of principles I teach, has been the single most influential factor in my own performance.

"Talk to Barb.  There is no way on earth you will come away from that conversation without being at least slightly transformed or inspired."

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