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Beyond Limits Virtual Summit

Online | Global

Join us for the first Global Beyond Limits Virtual Summit. We have gathered over 20 speakers from around the world who will share real stories of insight & transformation that have had a huge impact in their business and lives. During these times all have to shift, adjust and get creative, knowing that we have a limitless potential for fresh insight, new ideas and resiliency changes everything.

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February 2021

Annual Professional Training Retreat

Feb 18th – 21st, 2021 | VIRTUAL

Linda & George Pransky and I have co-taught this program for over 7 years. This training is an opportunity for coaches & practitioners from around the world to come together; deepen grounding, increase client impact and network with like-minded individuals.

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Beyond Limits 4-Month Small Group Mentoring Program

Feb 2021 – Jun 2021 | Virtual

Are you a soloprenuer (consultant, coach, freelancer, small business owner) out there on your own working to create a business that funds your life?

Would you benefit from real-time coaching and mentoring to take your business to new levels of impact & reach? If you would like to step into a creative and transformative space that aligns to your deeper nature and allows you to experience new growth in your work and businesses, this is the space for you.

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March 2021

10-Day Journey: Moving Towards Deep Inclusion

March 15 – 24, 2021 | VIRTUAL

Donald King, co-founder of Lift Every Voice, and I are launching a FREE 10-Day online journey. These 10 days are designed to spark and illuminate insight and action around deep inclusion and what’s possible when we create networks, opportunities and communities that Lift Every Voice. 

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April 2021

Solopreneur Coaching Club

April 2021

Coming Soon – a brand new monthly coaching club. This global coaching club and community is designed for solopreneurs that are looking to grow their work, their reach and their impact. We will offer real-time coaching and resources. This is a space for insight, collaboration and fresh ideas allowing participants to step more fully into their true nature and see fresh results, momentum and traction.

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Lift Every Voice: How to Live a Deeply Inclusive Life

April 15th – 17th, 2021 | VIRTUAL

Lift Every Voice is a 2.5 day virtual experience led by Donald King & Kurt Wootton. I’m honored to welcome Don & Kurt as they lead this profound, meaningful and insightful workshop which will answer the questions: How do we live deeply inclusive lives and create deeply inclusive communities. How do we move beyond our networks or our unconscious biases and align ourselves and our work in a way that welcomes and serves all of humanity?

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I consider myself unbelievably fortunate to have met Barb Patterson just as I was transitioning from a corporate leader role into full-time coaching. I have been both coached and mentored by her and there is no way to truly measure the tremendous impact that has had on my own growth as a coach as well as the success of my business. I have also gained so much from her wealth of experience as a global leader and a private coach, her willingness to share her learnings, successes and failures along her journey, and her practical guidance on creating a thriving business that I love. You cannot have a conversation with Barb and not be eternally impacted by her humor, grace and wisdom.

Kelly R.

Executive Coach & Business Consultant

I have had the distinct privilege of working with Barb over the past 10 years in multiple capacities and to say that she has had such a significant impact on my personal and professional growth is an understatement. Barb has been a boss, a mentor, a coach and friend. Her feedback has helped me improve my own coaching skills and build my confidence throughout the coaching certification process, ultimately leading to me starting my own coaching business. Barb has the ability and talent to help you enhance and expand your options, make more satisfying and life-affirming decisions, move ideas towards reality and develop a strong sense of purpose and focus.

Julianne W.

Executive Coach & Consultant