This is developmental and focused on helping you understand the source of human potential. That potential resides within and is experienced via your mind. This format allows for significant change in minimal amount of time.

These in-person intensives are full of rich, meaningful and relevant dialogue. Our time together creates huge internal shifts and long-term changes. You’ll develop a strong foundation, go deep, and build a momentum that is both sustainable and leveraged. 

By the end of these powerful 4 days, you’ll have a fresh perspective, a new understanding of yourself, and know exactly what is required to move forward with more impact and peace of mind. 


See significant impact and accelerated results. In this holistic and in-depth coaching program, I'll be a key partner in your growth and development as a leader.

This robust, and customized coaching program includes: 

  • leadership assessment
  • 3-day leadership intensive
  • 6 months of 1:1 coaching
  • additional in-person sessions (as needed)
  • priority access

Working in partnership with leaders in this way has proven to create huge shifts in their work and relationships.


This high-impact experience is for anyone looking for fresh perspective, new insight and real-world results in their business. I offer a 4-day private accelerator session for individual business owners, entrepreneurs/solopreneurs, that are interested in a robust, in-depth deep dive.

During the business accelerator session we get “into” your business. We go deep, we explore, we get creative and we identify new possibilities. These are not “pie in the sky”; these are REAL OPPORTUNITIES and designed to help you make a huge leap in your results.

These sessions create a powerful environment that fosters new ideas, collaboration, creative problem-solving and a new momentum and traction. This is built on a foundational understanding of our minds and our deeper nature and the role they play in our ability to access new capabilities within.

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