Mentoring - Barbara Patterson



Are you a business owner, coach, or consultant that would benefit from in-depth mentorship and partnership over an extended period of time? Working one-on-one in this capacity is a game changer.

These engagements last 6-9 months and include a 3-4-day intensive, on-going coaching, review of business plan, collaboration, creative partnership, client review and feedback, and access to my network, resources and other custom offerings during our engagement.

Because of the nature of the mentor/mentee relationship, I only take 2-3 at a time. This allows plenty of space, time and availability to create a powerful, rich, in-depth and holistic program that creates sustained transformation and real-world results. 


This 6-month mentoring and coaching program for solopreneurs is designed to offer an insightful, relevant, meaningful experience that leads to more fulfillment, greater impact and business growth.

If you’re interested in connecting more authentically to your true nature, and having that produce amazing new results in your business, then please check it out.