A Special Podcast Series

Episode 2

What Feeling Do You Bring to Each Conversation?

With Barbara Patterson + Melissa Palazzo-Hart

In this episode, Barb and Melissa take Maya Angelou's famous sage wisdom and share the transformative power in showing up real and in the moment in our everyday connections.

What’s possible when we show up as our natural self in our intimate relationships, our businesses and our day to day interactions?

This episode includes beautifully articulated insights and anecdotal moments that convey ways in which our hosts have witnessed the power of getting more curious about what's right in front of them, rather than having so much of themselves on their minds.


  • Barb introduces the Maya Angelou poem, and reminds us that our influence on others is not based on our actions or words, but the feeling we walk around in. [00:00:04]
  • Melissa overcomes her anxiety about feeling out of place at a fancy shindig. What she encounters was a reminder that showing up and just being real never fails us. [00:03:03]
  • Melissa talks about the astonishing results of sitting across from someone in the feeling of “possibility” with another. [00:06:03]
  • Barb talks about the quality of the wake we leave behind in exchange has to do with the feeling we show up in any moment.[00:07:20]
  • Barb acknowledges Melissa for being able to take herself off her own mind; therefore showing up in her natural, curious, open and funny self. The residue we leave comes from where we are coming from. [00:07:41]
  • Barb discusses that a freer more present mind allows us to fall into was and comfort and connect with others in a more authentic way. [00:09:24]
  • Melissa reminds us that we can have a free mind and still have access to all the intellectual info we need to accomplish what we need to accomplish. [00:13:04]
  • Barb discuss that when we drop into our natural selves, we give people the precious gift of permission to do the same. [00:16:14]
  • Barb quotes Lila Turner’s amazing quote about our natural selves being the upgrade. [00:17:08]
  • Melissa talks about the revelatory first time Barb mentioned how freeing having less of ourselves on our mind is. [00:17:45]
  • Barb loves blowing up the myths of what “being professional”entails. [00:19:14]
  • Melissa confesses that she’s great at pretending to listen, especially with her husband. [00:21:40]
  • Barb and Melissa share their respective ways they fail to show up and be present, and how course correction is always available in such moments. [00:23:35]
  • Melissa reminds us that ‘All’ of us is welcome here in any moment. We are imperfectly perfect; and that’s beautiful. [00:25:05]



Meet Your Hosts

Barbara Patterson is the owner of a global coaching and consulting company bringing the insights of performance and fulfillment to clients around the world. She helps organizations, leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches access more clarity, creativity, have greater impact and higher levels of performance in work and life. Barb is the Founder of Beyond Limits in Business, a global platform and community designed to point people to the source of human potential.

You can follow Barb on Linkedin ,Twitter and Instagram. You can also subscribe to her weekly blog on her website at

Melissa Palazzo-Hart has 25 years’ experience leading marketing, strategy, finance, operations, and talent for some of the most prestigious agencies and brands including Disney, Activision and Omnicom. Throughout her career, she has built campaigns for some of the biggest names in entertainment and media which have been awarded Emmy Awards, Cannes Lion Awards, Effies, Telly Awards, Game Marketing Awards, Broadcast Design Association Gold Awards, and Clio Awards. Melissa is building a movement of paradigm shifters to unlock the potential of their minds to affect change in our world through seeing and living beyond perceived limits. She guides leaders and organizations at the highest levels how to make a meaningful impact through the power of heart work, instead of hard work.

You can follow Melissa on Linkedin and Instagram. You can also subscribe to her weekly blog on her website at


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