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The Unlimited Power of Your Being

Where are you coming from – inside yourself? Where is it leading you?

Where we come from inside ourselves matters more than any singular activity we will do. Where we come from inside ourselves shapes everything that comes afterwards. 

When we are connected to our deeper knowing, to that internal space of clarity, wisdom, love, it becomes a powerful source for moving forward; for our output or our contribution in the world. 

Said another way, there is no real doing in the world that is not first impacted by where it is coming from. 

When I first started to learn about the power and potential of our minds, I woke up to the role that our state-of-mind, our clarity of mind, was having in any given moment. I could see that my quality of mind was shaping what I saw and how I responded. It has a direct relationship to our output and the quality of our exchanges with others. This made absolute sense to me. Once I saw it, I started to respect a freer, more open, present mind. I no longer respected my urgent, sped up, reactive mind. Of course, it still happens but I know, left to its own devices our minds settle and when they do, it changes what we see and the possibilities that are available to us.

That understanding alone had a huge impact in my life, my work and my relationships. The quality of each of those improved and I started to experience more creativity and ease. Effort, push, and pressure no longer seemed necessary. I could see they often compromised my clarity. In a freer, more open and present mind, I was accessing new ideas and connecting to others in a more meaningful way. 

Here was the surprise…there was even more to discover. Beyond the surface of my thinking, my effort and my strategies resides an incredible, innate, resourcefulness. Beyond the familiar and known is a “Well of Being”; an infinite source of new thought, fresh perspective, shifts of consciousness, pure potential, connection and love. This Well of Being, our deeper nature, funds and fuels all of life including us.

When we discover and have our own personal felt knowing of this deeper nature, it has profound and practical implications for our lives and our work in the world. There is no real “doing” in the world that is not first impacted by our “being”. Our Being fuels our Doing.

One afternoon while sitting at my desk looking out the window, I had this thought, “What if you got as curious about this deeper nature as you are about how to have a successful business?” It was one of those humbling moments. I could see how a great deal of my mental energy had been spent on trying to figure out my work, how to make my business successful and how to improve myself. 

Prior to this moment, I had started to wake up and see that there was something else at play in life. Something else at work other than my will, my drive and my efforts. I didn't see much and to be honest, I wasn't convinced that the path could be easier than I imagined but something inside of me said, “pay attention”. 

I had no real clue how to do this, I just felt an opening inside of myself; a curiousness. I had already started to see that our minds are designed to give us helpful thinking and ideas. Our minds are designed to help us rise to the occasion. They are creative by nature. So, I pointed myself in a direction, “What is this deeper nature, this Well of Being, and how does it show up in my everyday life?”

That initial question has taken me on a journey. I started to see how common and ordinary it was for us to have new thought. Thought was moving through us, I wasn't manufacturing it or controlling it. I started to get a feel for that still quiet place inside and the richness of it. I was getting touched by life in more ways. Simple ways, like taking in nature, feeling more present and connected to the people I love and my clients. I started to understand that connection was constant, the only variable was my experience of it. 

I was having new insights about my past. I started to see how that inner knowing, our essence, was helping me along throughout my life. I was often in over my head and in the unknown, yet I found my way. I saw that some of the most instrumental moments in my life were not of my own doing. Again, I did not manufacture them or control them. 

I realized that the same intelligence that exists in nature exists within us too. And if that's true, what does that mean for our lives?

This curiousness, this question, continues to unfold for me. To this day, I continue to be in the question and exploration of the relationship between doing and being. It seems to me every time I really look, there is less to be done and way more opportunity to “BE”. I am often surprised and humbled by how little my own effort, will and drive is actually needed. 

Life happens, life unfolds and evolves regardless of my efforts. The deeper nature of life is living through us at all times. 

When we are at home, solidly there, connected to our deeper nature – our Being – we are connected to an energy force that has unlimited power. When we connect to that and move forward from there, we experience the power of our presence and the presence of something greater. 

I've come to appreciate the power and magic in this space within. A little goes a really long way. When we connect, even for a moment, it leaves an imprint. When we realize we have this incredible, innate, built in, resourcefulness, it creates a new home base. We do not have to be perfect to benefit. We do not have to be a guru to access this deeper nature. 

Our own knowing is enough. Our own knowing gives us the confidence and certainty needed to navigate our lives. 

Our relationship to our deeper nature – our Being – is more important than what we do. It is THE THING that fuels what we do.

“When we are at home, solidly there, connected to our deeper nature – our Being – we are connected to an energy force that has unlimited power.”

To know this space within, is to know who we are. To know this space within, is to know where to go and what to do. Not by surface measures of image, strategies or effort, but by feeling our relationship to it – by inhabiting it. 

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Barbara Patterson is the owner of a global coaching and consulting company helping solopreneurs, entrepreneurs & leaders access more clarity, creativity, have greater impact and higher levels of fulfillment in work and life. She is the founder of Beyond Limits in Business, a global platform and community designed to point people to the source of human potential. That potential resides within and is experienced via our minds. Barb is also the host of the Real Business Real Lives podcast. You can follow Barb on Linkedin and Instagram. You can also subscribe to her weekly blog on her website at 



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