TEDx Talk: No Plan; More Purpose | Audio

TEDx Talk: No Plan; More Purpose | Audio

Have you ever wondered, “What’s my purpose?” only to feel lost and confused? If so, I can relate. I spent years trying to find my purpose and always feeling like I was never quite measuring up to my full potential.

It’s common to think that if we don’t identify our purpose we’ll never be fulfilled in life. We think our purpose is outside of us – so we look outside. Which career should I get into? What are my talents? Often people talk about purpose as their work. Am I living my purpose becomes narrowed down to am I in the right job?

What if the question to ask isn’t, “What’s My Purpose?” but “Am I Living on Purpose?”

This simple shift was incredibly powerful for me. It switched my orientation from searching, longing and dissatisfaction to feeling more in the flow of life, more joy and more fulfillment.

Living on purpose has nothing to do with my outer circumstances or my work. It’s an inside job.

Feeling aligned, in-flow, on-purpose and fulfilled is available to us right now.

All that’s required is to listen and follow our inner promptings towards the next step. We don’t need to identify our purpose or the plan, we simply move forward. We step into life, we engage.

In the simple and powerful act of engaging in the next step, magic happens. We get clear, we get informed, we get inspired. Momentum gathers and we tap into the creative flow. We experience more levels of joy, fulfillment and authentic inspiration.

When we see this, we naturally access new levels of potential. We are more willing to get in over our heads and as a result experience ourselves and what’s possible for us in new and fulfilling ways.

We feel more connected to our true nature and ON PURPOSE. This does not come because we have identified a purpose, it comes through being IN our lives fully. By engaging with nothing on it and seeing where the momentum takes us.

Listen to my TEDx talk below to hear how a conversation with my coach, inspired me to step more into the unknown and experience a whole new way to be in the world. And some of the insights I’ve gained along the way.

“Feeling aligned, in-flow, on-purpose and fulfilled is available to us right now.”

To the extent that we allow ourselves to hang out in a feeling of connection and we engage by following through on those small inner promptings, our lives unfold in extraordinary ways. In ways, we cannot predict or plan.

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Barbara Patterson is the owner of a global coaching and consulting company helping solopreneurs, entrepreneurs & leaders access more clarity, creativity, have greater impact and higher levels of fulfillment in work and life. She is the founder of Beyond Limits in Business, a global platform and community designed to point people to the source of human potential. That potential resides within and is experienced via our minds. Barb is also the host of the Real Business Real Lives podcast. You can follow Barb on Linkedin and Instagram. You can also subscribe to her weekly blog on her website at barbarapatterson.com 



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