The Strength of Presence | Video

Unlock Your Greatest Assets and Watch What Happens

Video Series | Part 1

Recently I was recording a video on the keys to success, and I was struck by how radically different I see things now. Previously, success looked like a mix of hard work, luck, the right personality, skills and competencies.

I would have talked about the behaviors that mattered most. And I would have been giving techniques and resources on how to get better at those things. But here’s the truth…I really wasn’t sure that everyone had it in them to be successful. It looked like some people “had it” and some people didn’t.  Or at the very least, we all had a cap to what was possible based on our personality or skills.

That no longer looks true. In fact, I know it’s not true. Here’s what I now know…the number one driver of success and well-being in our work and lives is not personality, or skills or competency…its where we “come from”.

Where we come from within ourselves matters more than any singular activity we will do for our business. It’s more important than what we say and it’s what turns on the switch of inspiration for you and others.

Understanding this one thing empowers everything.

During this video series, we will explore the powerful, innate “superpowers” every leader and every entrepreneur already has going for them. You will access new levels of connection, insight, presence and impact.

Watch the video below and discover your first superpower…the “secret sauce” of the most influential leaders and how you can leverage it in your own business.  

“Where we come from within ourselves matters more than any singular activity we will do for our business.”

All potential resides in the moment; all you need to respond to life, and to create, is an ability to be present with less on your mind.

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Barbara Patterson is the owner of a global coaching and consulting company bringing the insights of performance and fulfillment to clients around the world. She helps organizations, leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches access more clarity, creativity, have greater impact and higher levels of performance in work and life. She also facilitates seminars and virtual programs. She is co-leading her next in-person workshop with Michael Neill this April: A Good Life is Good for Business, in Portland, OR. And her next virtual program The Engaged Space: A 30 Day Experiment launches April 1st. You can follow Barb on  LinkedinTwitter  and  Instagram. You can also subscribe to her weekly blog on her website at

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