• ENGAGE in your business & life with more CLARITY and CONFIDENCE?
  • Drop the struggle once and for all, and find your FLOW?
  • Finally, experience the INSPIRATION and IMPACT you've imaged?
  • Have your business and life reflect what is MEANINGFUL and AUTHENTIC for you while also MAKING MONEY?


Aila Coats & Barb Patterson

OCT 2023 – JAN 2024

A 4-month transformative coaching space designed to take you beyond conditioned thinking and limited options to experience new possibilities and a life and business that reflects your highest potential.

Are you on auto-pilot, feeling the sameness of life but craving a richer, more expressed, connected experience of your work and life?

Do you wish for a more consistent, experiential, and embodied knowing of your unique path and how to express it? 
Are you curious to know the you that exists beyond your conditioned, limited mind and experience more inner freedom and greater impact?

This program is designed for YOU if…

You are a coach, speaker, consultant, freelancer, business owner, entrepreneur, parent, or simply a lover of deep, soulful exploration that leads to real-world change and transformation.

You are interested in aligning more powerfully with your authentic nature without having to sacrifice results or growth.

You are ambitious and have a desire to stretch and grow but are no longer interested in having to hustle, over-extend or employ exhaustive measures to get traction.

You want to have a fresh experience of yourself and your work that is more alive and prosperous.

You are tired of playing small, copying what others are doing, and want to step out and express your true self in a way that also engages others.

Join us on a journey and immersion where we explore our true nature, how to powerfully listen and align to what is true for us, and move boldly in the direction of our heart's desires.


Discover what's possible when you stop overthinking, trying to get it right, or hesitating and instead engage with your creative ideas.


We will drop into that sweet space within, powered by the group experience, and discover new truths and new possibilities grounded in a powerful knowledge of what fuels our results.

When we connect with the simple understanding of who and what we are and engage with our inner promptings, something powerful emerges:


Come and swim with us. Take a Deep Dive into the well of being that is the nature of who you truly are and the source of all you create.

Allow these four months to fuel new heights.


The journey takes place virtually October 2023 – January 2024.


Opening Session

FRIDAY, SEPT 29th, 2023 8am-11am PT / 11am-2pm ET / 4pm-7pm UK

Closing Session

FRIDAY, JAN 26th, 2024 8am-2pm PT / 11am-5pm ET / 4pm-10pm UK



Go Beyond the Limits of a Conditioned Mind

The surprising mindset that is likely creating more noise and confusion for you.

Why focusing on self-improvement is full of misunderstanding. 

What expands and opens up in our work and lives when we understand that our starting point is whole and complete?


Do You Know What You're Made Of?

A fresh understanding of your innate capacity to evolve, stretch, realize new potential, and expand your results.

Tune in, tap in, and powerfully align with the creative potential within and behind all life.

Explore what's possible when you have an experiential knowing of the innate capacities of your essential nature.


Let Go & Find Your Flow

Jump in and engage. Experiment, play, discover, and get in the game.


Distinguish between the pace of your mind and the pace of life. Let the natural momentum carry you forward versus pushing against the tide.


What’s possible when we stop trying to manage ourselves or control and allow the unfolding?


Living An Embodied Life

What does it mean when we live from our True Self in an embodied way? Connected, alive, and aligned.


What's possible when we stand in our truth, express authentically, and allow ourselves to be seen? 


How do we move through our work and lives grounded in our truth and fueled by our inspiration?


3 Group Calls a Month

On the first and third Wednesday of each month, Aila & Barb will lead group calls designed to explore the monthly themes and connect the dots to real-world goals, learning, and aspirations. We will coach, teach, and move in the direction of what is relevant and present for the group.


These will be interactive, rich conversations designed to integrate, inspire, and connect us to higher-level thinking, new insights, and set the stage for more engagement and expansion in our work and lives. 


On the second Wednesday of each month, we will have a GUEST SPEAKER who will take us on an experiential journey of connection and deeper insight.

Explore Insight Breathwork with Scott Kelly, a Healing and Expansive Soundbath with Jere Friedman, Activating our True Voice with Anita Coats, and the Power of Movement with Kaye Taylor.

*While we hope you can make the calls live, we understand that may not always be possible. All calls will be recorded and posted to a private viewing page.

DATES: Calls take place on the first three Wednesdays of every month (Oct 2023-Jan 2024) beginning Oct 4th, 2023. TIMES: 11am-12:30pm PT / 2pm-3:30pm ET / 7pm-8:30pm UK


Monthly Videos & Teaching to Reflect & Take You Deeper

Exercises and resources to help you slow down and look into the direction of your own wisdom and well-being or to help you broaden the range of your impact and expression.



ADD 4 PRIVATE COACHING SESSIONS (2 with Barb, 2 with Aila) for a total of: $5500 *There are only six spots available for individual coaching. *If you add in the private sessions, we can get those scheduled as soon as you are ready.

If you would like to learn more and explore if this 4-month container is a fit for you, please click “Let's Talk” and fill out the form. Filling out the form is not a commitment; it's an opportunity for us to connect and get to know one another. We look forward to speaking with you.

With a deeper feeling comes a more fulfilling life.


We’ve known each other for over six years, and it was love and respect at first sight for both of us. We have each spent our adult careers and lives, exploring for ourselves and our work with others, how to bring our best selves to whatever we’re doing. How to bring our creativity, experience, and heart's desires together in a way that allows our business to thrive and fund our lives.


When we know who and what we are, we tap into hidden potentials, higher-quality perspectives, wellbeing, resilience, and a richer experience of life. Perhaps most surprising to us both was how much easier it could be. By letting go of effort, hard work, and self-help, we discovered how to let something greater inform our path and lead the way.


We are committed to creating a container that increases the quality of your life for the rest of your life. We deeply trust in the understanding to guide each of us in our own revelations and insights.

Are you feeling the inner nudge to go deeper, connect with your TRUE SELF and come more FULLY ALIVE?

To step out of the ordinary and discover a FRESH EXPERIENCE of what's possible?

To step into your business and life with more PASSION and create NEW RESULTS?

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