Mid-Year Reset & Refresh - Barbara Patterson

Mid-Year Reset & Refresh

Hit the refresh button and experience new insights, fresh perspective and momentum in your work and life.

A 2.5-day retreat led by Angus & Rohini Ross, Amy Johnson, Scott Kelly & Barb Patterson

What if you could reset, refresh and move into the second half of 2019 with more energy, creativity, connection and purpose?

This weekend retreat will be a rare opportunity to hear from and engage with five teachers who are committed to helping people access new levels of well-being, vitality, creativity, purpose and connection. We will all point to the same truth & understanding, but with our own unique insights that focus in our specific areas of interest.

During this weekend, we will explore our deeper nature and its connection to life, health, relationships and our work. By tapping into the power and potential of our true self, we access new levels of health, vitality and potential. This funds our work and lives in profound and practical ways.

Specifically, we will explore relationships, habits, health & vitality and purpose. Each of us has been deeply impacted by this understanding and it has transformed us personally and professionally. We will each share insights we’ve had in these specific areas, in our lives and in our work with others.

This will be an interactive, engaging, insightful & fresh exploration. Ultimately, creating a space of transformation, new depth, connection, realizations and new momentum.


led by Angus & Rohini Ross

It is easy to feel powerless and dissatisfied in relationships. It often looks like either you or your partner need to change to have a better experience, and people can find themselves working on their relationship more than enjoying it.

Enjoying your relationship is much easier than you think. The real enemy of love is not your flaws or your partner’s weaknesses, it is the fear and insecurity that have you look outside of yourself for solutions rather than listening to your deeper wisdom and seeing what is there. Fear leads you to try and cultivate or tame your partner so you can feel more comfortable. Instead, it leads to conflict and discontent.  But no matter where you are in your relationship, love is always ready to bloom.

It doesn’t have to be hard, and it doesn’t involve improving yourself or your partner. Instead, we will point you to how your natural state is what makes love sustainable. There is an innate wisdom in you that when left to its own devices allows you and all your relationships to thrive.


led by Amy Johnson

So much of what we think, feel and do in life is habitual.

Many of those habitual thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are things we’d love to change, if we could. But we tend to innocently go about change in ways that don’t help. We focus on doing things differently rather than on seeing things differently, which leads to a roller coaster of short-term change that feels hopeful and lasts for a while, but isn’t sustainable.

Deep, lasting freedom from things like habits, addiction, anxiety and worry comes from seeing differently first. When we have a shift in consciousness…when we glimpse who we are beyond our psychology in a brand new way…our thoughts, feelings and behaviors begin to change in ways we couldn’t make happen.


led by Scott Kelly

What is true health?

The absence of health challenges and dis-ease? Or having the insight, resilience, and resourcefulness to navigate the ever-flowing states of health we experience?

It’s very easy to get lost and overwhelmed when it comes to health, nutrition, and lifestyle.  It’s also easy to take our health challenges personally and feel overwhelmed. What diet is best, what exercise is best and how can I increase my energy?   And with the thousands of opinions available and often conflicting advice, where do you turn?

What if the ultimate guide for health and wellbeing were already in your possession?  What if the wisdom within, designed for thriving, change, evolving and revitalizing was your greatest guide?

Beyond our limited ideas about health and wellbeing, there is the field of possibility where we can insightfully navigate our individual needs to heal, rebalance, and perform.  Where even in the face of health challenges, we can see with clarity and confidence.

I will point you in the direction of your wisdom so that you no longer have to get overwhelmed by health confusion but can use your greatest resource built within for clarity, vitality, and performance.


led by Barb Patterson

Finding flow, natural momentum and the sweet spot in our work can look hard. We want to contribute and make a difference but we feel stuck or often “off course”. Getting traction seems impossible.

What if there is a simple answer? What if you already have everything you need to create the life and work you desire? What if the answer is already alive within you?

Our Being Fuels Our Doing.

Seeing this, tapping into this, requires we connect to our deeper nature. When we go beyond our limited ideas of who we are we tap into new depths, new capabilities and have a whole new experience of ourselves in the world. From this space, we naturally connect to our authentic nature.

Showing up in our authentic presence includes our presence and the presence of something greater than us.

When we see the connection between our true nature, the deeper nature of life, and our work in the world, it changes everything.


Friday, July 19th: 7pm-9:30pm PT
Saturday, July 20th: 10am-5pm PT
Sunday, July 21st: 10am-5pm PT
*end times approximate

1547 6th Street
Suite 100
Santa Monica, CA 90401

*If attending in person, the event is located in beautiful Santa Monica, CA.
There are a variety of hotel and airbnb options in the area

*For virtual participants, please factor in the appropriate time zone conversion for your location. If you are not able to attend live due to time zones, we will post the raw recordings as we go along throughout the weekend.

Recordings will also be available for 30 days afterwards

Program Fee: $450



We’re going to let you in on a little secret. The why is simple – we love being together and we love learning from each other! We have been in a mastermind for over four years and have witnessed one another learn, grow, stretch, fall, get back up and keep moving forward. We’ve felt firsthand the impact of each other’s guidance and wisdom, and we have seen the impact of each other’s work. We don’t just like each other – we respect – and we recommend one another.

Earlier this year we wondered if there was a way to bring our diverse passions & interests together, along with our common understanding, and create a powerful and transformative experience for others? The idea of this weekend began to take shape. We cannot wait to be with everyone and create a space for exploration, new depth, fresh insight, creativity and of course lots of laughter.

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