Going Beyond Limits:
Our Being Fuels Our Doing

Where you come from, inside yourself, matters more than any singular activity you will do for your business. 

Seeing this, tapping into this, comes naturally when we have an understanding of our minds and our deeper nature. When we go beyond our limited ideas of who we think we are, we tap into our true selves. From this space, we tap into new depths of authenticity & potential. Showing up in our authentic presence includes our presence and the presence of something greater than us. When we see the connection between our true nature, the deeper nature of life, and our work in the world, it changes everything.


Thank you for joining me here. In this welcome message you’ll hear a short overview of the training and how to gain the most while listening.


In this first video, I share one of the most significant realizations I have had on my journey with this understanding. Bringing my best self to my work and life used to look like a full-time job. I had a lot of things to manage: my personality, my behavior, my psychology, my issues, etc. While I was totally up for it, and willing, it was definitely an uphill battle and the impact was inconsistent. When I started to consider that we are BOTH these amazing humans AND we have this deeper nature – our true nature, everything simplified. I discovered the real source of transformation and new potential.


In video two, we consider the question, What’s Your Starting Point? Our moment to moment quality-of-mind has a direct relationship to whatever we’re up to. For instance, when we see the world or ourselves as limited, our choices are limited. In this video, we will look specifically at what opens up for us when our starting point is SEEING and KNOWING that WE ARE OK no matter what.  When this knowing becomes the foundation of everything we do, life opens up for us in new and exciting ways.


In video three, we will take a look at how we often make our world small. We innocently limit our own potential and what’s possible for us by declaring what we know about ourselves. We put a stake in the ground about who we are, our strengths, our weaknesses, what we can & can’t do… and as a result, we start to experience life and ourselves in a more limited way. We determine what is true, and then live as if there is nothing new to experience or see about ourselves or the world we live in. Yet, here is a powerful truth: our personality is not fixed; our potential is not fixed; our ability to have new thought & fresh ideas is not fixed. Beyond the thoughts and ideas of who we think we are, lies an infinite potential of new experiences.


What if you are never “off course”? What if your fulfillment is not dependent on getting your job or purpose right? Every part of the journey is an opportunity to expand consciousness and for self-actualization. Every step is an opportunity to experience the truth of who we really are. There is no arrival point or destination or perfect job. When we SEE that the richness of life, the depth of connection and insight lies in the here and now, we stop racing across the surface of our lives and we “drop-in” and soak up the wonder and joy of what is. As is. We discover, we are right where we are meant to be.


I hope you have found this training meaningful and relevant. While each module of this series was communicated in a short, easy to digest package, there is a hidden depth to everything I’ve shared with you.

These videos were designed to wake you up to an understanding of the mind and your deeper nature. Ultimately, to point you to the incredible resourcefulness within and the source of creativity, resilience, well-being and connection.

To get the most out of your experience, let the simplicity and impact of these videos do the work for you. If you give yourself space to expand into this new information, you’ll begin to see incredible shifts within.

And, if you have any questions about the content, or your experience with the material, I’d love to hear from you!

Email me at: barb@wordpress-829407-2853326.cloudwaysapps.com


What would you say if I told you the most important thing you can do for your leadership, your company, or yourself is to connect authentically to your own innate wisdom and potential?

Over the last 20 years I have worked with leaders, entrepreneurs and organizations from around the world. What I've seen, is that there is one variable that distinguishes the great leaders from the good ones. Great leaders are able to tap into new levels of potential, performance and creativity. They don’t rely on other’s formulas or effort alone; they are connected to their own innate nature and lead from their own knowing; a deeper intelligence.

To unlock this variable, I work with leaders and entrepreneurs in real-time, through powerful and relevant conversations that have immediate impact. My clients see meaningful results, experience higher levels of flow and performance, and show up as more influential change makers.



See more opportunities, build stronger client relationships, and access more of your creative thinking.


Upgrade your ability to lead, influence, and drive change. Promote higher-level thinking and innovation.


Access new levels of performance, increased engagement, innovation, and more effective alignment to vision.

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Barb Patterson and work closely with her. I’ve witnessed her working with coaches, leaders and groups, and whether she’s one-on-one or on stage in front of a room, her presence, grounding, and insight create a powerful space for growth and change. Basically, I feel comfortable putting her in front of the room with anyone, regardless of their background or level of expertise, which is why I have invited her to be part of the faculty for Supercoach Academy and why I recommend her to anyone looking to make changes with their people and to take their business forward.
Michael Neill

International Bestselling Author of The Space Within and CEO of Genius Catalyst Inc.

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