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APRIL 15TH – 17TH, 2021

Explore what it takes to live a deeply inclusive life, to create deeply inclusive communities, and be a leader of change.

Last summer, I had to face a hard truth. I was not living and embodying the image I had of myself.

Specifically, how can I say racism is wrong and human rights matter and yet be on the sidelines rather than doing the work to create change?

How can I say I believe in inclusion yet when I really looked, my networks, my communities, for the most part, resembled me. For someone who believes in and loves humanity and all its diverse cultures and experiences, I wondered how my world had gotten so small.

Bottom line…my life and my actions did not reflect my values for human rights, justice and inclusion. I had a long way to go in regard to creating a deeply inclusive life.

I was in a bubble and when it popped it was humbling and liberating. Beyond the uncomfortable feelings was a deeper call from within: to get off the sidelines, to get in the arena and to align my actions from a place of wisdom.

Before blindly jumping in, I knew my first step was to listen & learn. To open up and do the inner exploration needed. But learning wasn’t enough. I wanted to know how to move forward in a way that supported real change.

I knew I couldn’t do it alone. I had to look, listen and ask
myself the tough questions, but I also needed teachers and guides so I could align my actions from a place of wisdom and insight.

I had so many questions…

How can I, one person, a solopreneur, a small business owner, make a difference? Where do I start?

How do I go from talking about it to real actions that create change?

How do I speak and share without letting the feelings of insecurity, self-doubt and imposter syndrome stop me in my tracks? 

How do I get out of my own head and step into arena?

Last fall, those questions were answered. I was invited to participate in a powerful and transformative virtual workshop led by Donald King and Kurt Wootton called, Lift Every Voice.

Lift Every Voice proved to be a powerful vehicle of insight and growth. By looking through the lens of inclusion, culture and what gets in the way, I was able to see more, get clear, and take meaningful steps forward.

Don & Kurt created a multi-dimensional, immersive, high-touch and thought provoking journey of self and communal discovery.

Learning with a diverse group of people from all over the world created meaningful and insightful conversations that opened us all up to new understanding.

The workshop draws out and calls forth our common humanity while asking us to address what is. While they do not shy away from the tough questions, they do it in a way that creates community and shared vision.

After experiencing firsthand the impact of the environment, the insights, and Don & Kurt’s teaching, I was inspired to share Lift Every Voice with my community of friends, colleagues and clients.



  • Through a series of meaningful, at times provocative, discussions around identity and culture they facilitate new understanding and insights that allow participants to lead their lives and communities with more depth.
  • Participants reimagine what’s possible when they align aspirations with practices.
  • The Lift Every Voice experience gives context to culture through a series of texts, art, stories, and media.
  • Participants learn how to utilize 6 cultural tenets in order to develop diverse networks and communities.
  • All learning is rooted in a deep sense of culture and inclusion, leaving participants inspired with new practices.

Lift Every Voice is a 2.5-day experience, led by Donald & Kurt, experts in developing joyful, culturally responsive, multi-sensory learning experiences that create platforms for transformational change through personal and group insight and reflection.

APRIL 15TH – 17TH, 2021


DONALD KING was the Founding Artistic Director of The Providence Black Repertory Company. His leadership, vision and award winning theatre, public programming and education transformed schools, communities and cultural landscapes throughout the City of Providence.

He co-produced Providence Sound Session, a genre-defying music festival and Parade, in partnership with the Department of Art, Culture + Tourism strategically managing community engagement and creative partnership opportunities between municipalities, businesses, law enforcement and neighborhoods. King’s vision to create forums where every voice is lifted is inspired by his firsthand experience in seeing people, places and perspectives transformed.

KURT WOOTTON  began his career as a public school teacher in Providence, Rhode Island. In his English classrooms he integrated the arts with literacy in order to “lift the voices” of all his students. This core idea has continued throughout his life as he’s built schools in different countries, consulted with school districts, and led ground-breaking education initiatives in the areas of culture, the arts, and literacy development.


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