Episode 080

Can a Calm Mind Increase Creative Thinking?

Interview with Pam & John Dibbs

John and Pam Dibbs are life and business partners and co-founders of The Plane Picture Company. The company has had many reinventions, including a move from London to Seattle 20 years ago. John Dibbs (known as Dibbsy) is a world renowned air-to-air specialist (think hanging out of one plane taking photos of another plane in flight!). Clients include British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, Netflix, Boeing, Gulfstream, The US Air Force and Royal Air Force. Having authored 26 books and had hundreds of magazine front covers, these days you are more likely to find John on location filming a documentary. Specializing in factual entertainment, Dibbsy is directing and producing aviation stories from working on Spitfire the documentary (currently on Netflix and On Demand) to currently directing a documentary about the P-51 Mustang called American Warhorse. Pam Dibbs brings Production muscle to the partnership; structuring project funding and overseeing client and partner relationships.  Dibbs On Life is Pam's other business focused on comedic speaking and leadership coaching. Dibbsy is heavily involved in helping Pam with media and video and they can often be found crying with laughter as they co-write a new comedy set for Pam. A good sense of humor comes in handy when you have lived and worked together for nearly 30 years!

Today I speak with Pam & John Dibbs, life partners and co-founders of The Plane Picture Company. John grew up in a culture that conditioned him to constantly worry about the future, resulting in a preoccupied and anxious mind. Pam had a subconscious habit of living in a state of urgency, measuring her progress in hustle, performance and perfection. Together they share how an understanding around clarity of mind helped them to unpack their old mindsets, creating more bandwidth, better collaboration and elevated creative thinking.

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