Episode 074

A Secret Sauce for Your Startup

Interview with Nikki Welch

Nikki Welch is a drinks entrepreneur and business coach who has spent the last 17 years making the often confusing world of wine, whisky and beer more accessible. She is a published author of 3 books and is the founder and creator of the WineTubeMap, WhiskyTubeMap and BeerTubeMap, flavour maps to decode wine, whisky and beer. She is currently working on a new project, Quenchable, bringing together her drinks knowledge and experience of how our minds really work to train hospitality staff.

Today you get to hear a talk given by Nikki Welch, from the Beyond Limits event that took place in Edinburgh last spring. Nikki, who has been an entrepreneur for over 17 years, shares how this understanding has helped her navigate the world of startups. Nikki used to always worry about “what’s next” and spent a lot of time and energy making judgments about the potential outcomes of her ideas. Nikki shares how tapping into her own wisdom released her from her own constraints and gave her total freedom to play in business.


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Barbara Patterson is the owner of a global coaching and consulting company bringing the insights of performance and fulfillment to clients around the world. She helps organizations, leaders, entrepreneurs and coaches access more clarity, creativity, have greater impact and higher levels of performance in work and life. Barb is the Founder of Beyond Limits in Business, a global platform and community designed to point people to the source of human potential.

You can follow Barb on Linkedin ,Twitter and Instagram. You can also subscribe to her weekly blog on her website at

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