Episode 124

Coming Alive in Your Business & Life

Interview with Usha Mayani

Usha Mayani is a visionary and entrepreneur with 30+ years of business experience in Panama’s burgeoning capital, Panama City, and in the Colon Free Zone (CFZ), the largest duty-free zone in the Western Hemisphere. As the 2nd female president of the Free Zone Business Association (2016-2018), Usha Mayani led the effort to protect free trade between Panama and other countries at a time when trade partners like Colombia were blocking imports despite commercial treaties. Established in 1948, the CFZ continues to be a pillar of the country’s growing economy and a living, breathing monument to the contribution of immigrant families like the Mayani’s.

Today you get to hear a conversation with Usha Mayani, from the Beyond Limits Virtual Summit that took place last year. Usha attributes peace and love as the force behind business and shares how this force creates more authentic, deeper, connected experiences. Citing moments of joy and deep sorrow, she recounts the transformational journey of finding peace within and “coming alive” in business and life. 


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