Episode 121

We Are Equipped to Rise to the Occasion

Interview with Nikki & Ged Welch

Ged and Nikki Welch have been working together for the last 4 years helping organisations, businesses and individuals perform at the highest level by tapping into their innate wellbeing and potential. This results in innovation, engagement and transformation in the most surprising ways! Ged has been doing this work in his own business coaching practice for 18 years following a career in the drinks industry, predominantly running and managing whisky plants and businesses. Nikki is an author and start up founder in the hospitality industry having spent 20 years in the wine industry. Their business, Naturally High Performance is currently evolving to offer more options for organisations and individuals to explore and discover their own potential.

Today you get to hear a conversation with Nikki & Ged Welch, from the Beyond Limits Virtual Summit that took place last year. Together they share what they’ve seen from taking a curious and playful approach to life and business. Nikki & Ged speak to the intangible arsenal of connection, creativity and resilience we’re all fully equipped with, which allows us to rise to the occasion and handle anything that comes our way.


Learn More: Naturally High Performance

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