119: Take a Fresh Look When Business Looks Hard with Tracey McBeath - Barbara Patterson


Episode 119

Take a Fresh Look When Business Looks Hard

Interview with Tracey McBeath

Tracey McBeath is a health coach in Melbourne Australia, and also a mum of 5. She helps women to go beyond diets and restriction to find peace from within. Tracey also works alongside a number of dedicated GP’s to help people reverse type 2 diabetes. Her passion is to show that we are far more than the bodies we present to the world.

 Today I speak to Tracey McBeath about an understanding that inspired a fresh perspective toward health and wellness. Once Tracey began to consider the inside-out nature of life, it completely shifted the way she approached health and work with clients. Tracey speaks about the transformation of her business, from things looking “too hard” to the evolution that took place from showing up present and taking a fresh look.


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