Episode 116

A New Orientation for Business & Life

Interview with Michael Neill

Michael Neill is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and thought leader, challenging the cultural mythology that stress and struggle are a prerequisite to creativity and success. His bestselling books, podcasts, keynotes, trainings, and retreats have inspired and impacted millions of people on six continents around the world. Michael’s mission is to unleash the human potential with intelligence, humor, and heart, and his unique brand of loving disruption has made him a beloved catalyst and creative sparkplug to CEOs, leaders, creative artists, and anyone who wants to get more out of themselves and their lives while making more of a difference in the world.

Today you get to hear an interview from the Beyond Limits Virtual Summit, featuring author, coach and thought leader, Michael Neill. Michael emphasizes the power of listening, the power of noticing, and identifies five “shifts in orientation” that he has personally witnessed to be absolute game-changers for any business or business person.



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