115: Let Go of Restrictions to Access More Flow in Business with Katie Finney & María Mayor - Barbara Patterson


Episode 115

Let Go of Restrictions to Access More Flow in Business

Interview with Katie Finney & María Mayor

Katie Finney and María Mayor are the founders of Amity. Amity is a non-profit based in the UK that facilitates people to co-create thriving communities. Katie and María are fascinated by the process of bringing people together to take inspired action and lead change in their community. They care deeply about understanding the fundamental human factors for this being successful and put understanding this at the centre of their life and work together. With community groups they deliver programmes which combine facilitation and coaching to point people in the direction of inspired action for the benefit of their communities and neighbourhoods.

Today I speak with life and business partners, Katie Finney and María Mayor. Katie and María used to rely on the rigidity of routine and structure, thinking it determined their wellbeing and success. In our conversation, Katie and María speak to the flow, creativity and expansive potential that comes with letting go of restrictions, trusting wisdom in the moment, and going “all in”.



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