113: How to Find Your Peace of Mind in Business with Lisa Giruzzi - Barbara Patterson


Episode 113

How to Find Your Peace of Mind in Business

Interview with Lisa Giruzzi

Lisa Giruzzi is a peak performance coach, best-selling author, an accomplished speaker and an award-winning trainer with more than twenty-five years’ experience helping people to discover their inner magnificence and live life powerfully – free from regrets, judgments and fear. Lisa is the owner of Transformational Conversations, which specializes in causing breakthrough performance for individuals and organizations. Additionally, Lisa is the cofounder of EMS Leadership Academy whose purpose is to empower leaders to cause other leaders and to create bold visions that redefine the future of their organization and Emergency Services worldwide.

Today I’m joined in conversation by Lisa Giruzzi, who shares her journey of finding peace of mind in business. Before Lisa began to appreciate the nature of thought, it felt like urgency, haste, and panic were required. Once she saw thought for what it was, she developed a different relationship to her thinking and naturally began to experience greater peace of mind. Lisa shares personal stories of resilience that illustrate how this understanding offers hope and grace in even the most challenging of circumstances.


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