108: The Magic Is Not in the Form with Aila Coats - Barbara Patterson


Episode 108

The Magic Is Not in the Form

Interview with Aila Coats

Aila Coats has an international coaching practice, serving teens, athletes and their families, professional coaches and business owners. She loves supporting service-oriented entrepreneurs in bringing their visions to life. In fact, after running several small group coaching programs, she decided to take it up a notch and start a coaching school infused with a lot of soul, launching February 2021. Aila holds a Master’s Degrees in Spiritual Psychology with an emphasis in Consciousness, Health and Healing, a Bachelors in Human Behavior and is a Certified Life Potentials Practitioner. She has also studied meditation and personal growth work for over 22 years.

Today I’m joined by Aila Coats to discuss the true source of wellbeing and possibility in business. Aila is no stranger to form in business, and the sense of security structure and strategy provides. But as she’ll share, sticking solely to the structure limits our perspective and our sense of possibility. The real magic is “insight coming through in real time”. Aila illustrates how there are unlimited possibilities for everything we’re up to in life, thanks to the infinite potential of our minds.

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