107: The Value of Being Responsive in Real Time with Wyn Morgan - Barbara Patterson


Episode 107

The Value of Being Responsive in Real Time

Interview with Wyn Morgan

Wyn Morgan is a change agent based in Windsor, UK and works with corporations and private individuals in every continent around the world. Having been in people development for over 20 years and with his own coaching and training business for the past 14 years, Wyn has become sought after to develop leaders, teams, and organisations. He delivers dramatic step changes in business results by delivering a step change in people’s thinking and understanding about their role, who they really are and how they personally show up. A major part of his work is helping people to be at their best in every part of their life with less ‘efforting’ and more of their natural brilliance.

Today I speak with Wyn Morgan, Managing Director of Wynning Coaching and Training. In his previous business, Wyn attributed “efforting” and working harder as the source of his success. In our conversation, he reflects on waking up to the infinite potential we all have, that was invisible to him before. Wyn shares the importance of showing up as yourself, ditching the script, and being responsive in real time to experience more fulfillment, connection, and have greater impact in business.

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