105: [REBROADCAST] How to Bring Out the Best in Others with Mark Dewhurst - Barbara Patterson


Episode 105

How to Bring Out the Best in Others


Interview with Mark Dewhurst

Mark is the Chief Operating Officer of a UK AIM listed company. He has a Degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA, and has worked in a variety of industries in a number of senior Director level roles. His real passion is helping businesses create step change in performance by unleashing the potential of their employees.

In today’s discussion, Mark Dewhurst credits his clients as the “source of success” when it comes to stepping in and helping make changes within their business. In a society where peoples’ abilities are often overlooked or underestimated, he makes it his intention to draw out the best in people. Doing this, he says, is not about “telling people how to think” but about “pointing them in a direction” and letting them come to their own conclusions. By showing up in a clear headspace, Mark sets the tone for his clients, allowing them the space to do the same. Since coming to his own understanding about state of mind, which he calls a “lifelong journey”, Mark has learned to put less stock in his ego, and more value in the potential of a carefree mind. He reminds us that there’s always more to learn and discover if we “connect, talk, explore and get curious”.


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