104: [REBROADCAST] Stop Worrying & Get Out Of Your Own Way with Jenée Arthur - Barbara Patterson


Episode 104

Stop Worrying & Get Out Of Your Own Way


Interview with Jenée Arthur

From publicist to brand architect and producer, Jenée has navigated a solopreneur career for nearly 30 years by crafting written and visual narratives for her clients. Today, Jenée works as the right-hand woman to a high-profile company owner of a large firm serving the luxury market in Austin, Texas. Jenée also writes a blog entitled Cathuddhist Buddhatholic, where her readers meet her and her cheeky perspectives at the crossroads of her indoctrinated upbringing and her chosen lifestyle path.

Today I connect with a good friend, Jenée Arthur. In our conversation, she reflects on her recent career transition where she went from being her own boss & setting her own course in business to working for someone else. Jenée looks back on her difficult first year of employment, openly exploring the challenges that came with working under someone for the first time. She recounts the moment she experienced a substantial shift in perspective, seeing that stress and worry were optional. Jenée shares that she no longer looks to worry as her guidepost, but instead lives in the flow of life, unafraid to embrace the unknown.


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