102: [REBROADCAST] The Heart of Performance is More Than a Strategy with Linda Riefler - Barbara Patterson


Episode 102

The Heart of Performance is More Than a Strategy


Interview with Linda Riefler

Linda Riefler is a 25 year veteran of Morgan Stanley, an American Multinational financial services corporation. She began her career in capital markets and rose to serve on the Operating Committee and the Management Committee of the 60,000 person firm, prior to retiring in 2013. Linda has deep expertise in business strategy, succession planning, talent development and capital markets. She currently serves as a Director of CSX Corporation since 2017 and as a director of MSCI, Inc. since 2005 as well as serving on a number of boards.

In today’s conversation, Linda shares the insight that high performance does not always equal extra effort. When we stop thinking about success in terms of steps and strategies and instead look in the direction of our own thought, we make a change that is so simple, yet significant. Linda and I discuss the freedom and clarity that occurs by being present, the power of breakdowns that lead to breakthroughs, and seeing anxiety and worry for what it is: thought in the moment. Linda illuminates these ideas further by sharing both personal and professional examples where they have had great impact.


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