099: Showing Up to the Challenge with Presence with Dr. Noushin Bayat - Barbara Patterson


Episode 099

Showing Up to the Challenge with Presence

Interview with Dr. Noushin Bayat

Dr. Noushin Bayat is founder of Engaging Wisdom, Inc., a consultancy organization that provides coaching and organization development services in operations, change management, and leadership development. She supports executives/teams to engage clear thinking, psychological agility, and presence to collaborate effectively and deliver emergent innovative solutions within complex agile environments. She has a BS in computer science and communications, masters in public health and spiritual psychology, and a doctorate in organizational leadership, with advanced training in coaching, yoga, and meditation.

Today I speak with Dr. Noushin Bayat who describes past challenges around anxiety, stress, and hurt. When difficult feelings arose, it looked like something to think about, dwell on, and ultimately, “fix”. She found herself over preparing, overthinking, and living as if her “internal state of peace, contentment and joy was dependent on people being a certain way”. When Noushin began to see the truth of thought as transient, she realized her inner peace and clarity could never be impacted or damaged. Noushin shares why she now relies on her presence of mind when showing up to any challenge.

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