097: We Have an Unlimited Creative Capacity for New Thought with Sandy Krot - Barbara Patterson


Episode 097

We Have an Unlimited Creative Capacity for New Thought

Interview with Sandy Krot

Sandy Krot’s vision is to make the workplace a setting for creative performance as well as the elevation of the human spirit. She is a pioneer in translating a principled understanding of human thought to leadership and organizational effectiveness. The early years of her career were dedicated to counseling and human development. The focus of her work today is with Fortune 100 executives, leadership teams, and working groups helping them achieve extraordinary results by unleashing the power of the human mind. She works with the consulting group Insight Principles, Inc. and coauthored with Ken Manning and Robin Charbit the book entitled, Invisible Power: Insight Principles at Work.

Today you get to hear an interview with Sandy Krot from the recent Beyond Limits Virtual Summit. Sandy reflects on her experience working with leaders who innocently believed they were at the mercy of external factors. It looked like in order to creatively problem-solve and perform effectively, pushing and striving were required. Sandy speaks to the amazing resource we all have available to us, and shares stories to illustrate our endless, creative capacity for fresh thought in any moment.

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