096: Why You Don't Have to Fear Making Mistakes with Kaja Flatøy - Barbara Patterson


Episode 096

Why You Don’t Have to Fear Making Mistakes

Interview with Kaja Flatøy

Kaja Flatøy is from the north of Norway and has worked as a nurse for nearly 20 years, mainly in the Emergency ward. She has a coaching practice on the side and also gives lectures on topics including work environment, communication & leadership. She is also part of an Emergency Medical Team that is sent out in the world when countries need assistance, like Samoa during the measles outbreak and Italy during the Covid pandemic.

Today I’m joined by Kaja Flatøy, a nurse who worked in Italy amidst the Covid outbreak. Kaja used to struggle with fear and worry, particularly in regard to making mistakes, being wrong, and ultimately, feeling embarrassed. When she began to make the connection between fear and thought, she had a profound insight: she would be okay, no matter what. Kaja shares why she no longer fears making mistakes, and why she now sees them as an opportunity to learn, grow, and do better.

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