093: Why It Makes Sense to Look Within First with Cheryl Wilkie - Barbara Patterson


Episode 093

Why It Makes Sense to Look Within First

Interview with Cheryl Wilkie

Dr. Wilkie is the Former Chief Operating Officer at Farnum. She has led the premier substance abuse treatment programs at Farnum and Farnum North since 2008. She has been recognized by multiple community organizations, state offices and legislative committees for excellence in business management and healthcare advocacy. Her ability to understand the human experience is evident in her leadership and talent for empowering everyone to recognize their innate potential.

In today’s episode, Cheryl Wilkie shares how the timing of a recent career shift and the global pandemic has given her an opportunity to grow, learn and gain clarity. She shares how she is looking within, learning to listen beyond old habitual ideas and experiencing fresh thinking. Cheryl also articulates her passion for leadership and unapologetically invites leaders to bring more love to their interactions with employees, their organizations and its culture.

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