091: How to Meet the Unknown in Business with Elizabeth Lovius - Barbara Patterson


Episode 091

How to Meet the Unknown in Business

Interview with Elizabeth Lovius

Elizabeth Lovius is a Leadership Coach, International Speaker, Author. She is also a Social Entrepreneur. Elizabeth offers leaders headspace to access their insightful wisdom and lead real change. Her specialties are in cultivating collaboration, creativity, clarity, confidence and core wellbeing. Elizabeth has over 25 years of experience, having worked with over 100 organisations and trained, coached, and mentored over 10,000 individuals.

In today’s conversation I speak with entrepreneur and Leadership Coach, Elizabeth Lovius. Elizabeth talks about her passion for working with leaders and helping them to access new insights, find their own resilience, and follow their wisdom. We discuss the distinction between intellectual knowledge versus insightful knowing, the value and benefit of “creating headspace” in business and relationships, and how to meet the unknown in business with confidence and clarity.

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