089: Do You Have to Be More to Grow Your Business with Julie Chazotte - Barbara Patterson


Episode 089

Do You Have to Be More to Grow Your Business?

Interview with Julie Chazotte

Julieanne Chazotte is a Transformational Coach & Three Principles Practitioner. She is passionate about helping people experience more fully their innate well-being and natural wisdom as they create a life and business that feels aligned and inspired! Julie and SimpleSHIFT co-founder, Dror Amir, recently offered a complimentary five day webinar series, featuring our very own Barb Patterson, to support people in finding peace of mind during these unprecedented times. To learn more and watch the recordings, visit: https://www.simpleshift.com/peace-of-mind-in-uncertain-times

In today’s conversation, I speak with solopreneur Julie Chazotte. Julie talks about her past experience of thinking “more” was always required of herself in order to grow and thrive in business. It was through deepening her understanding of the mind that she had the profound insight “I don’t have to be more than I am to grow my business.” Julie shares what happens when we realize we can show up exactly as we are in business.

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