087: It All Works Out in the End with Rebecca D'Angelo - Barbara Patterson


Episode 087

It All Works Out in the End

Interview with Rebecca D’Angelo

Rebecca D’Angelo is the Managing Director and Founder of Mrs Splashback.

In today’s conversation, Rebecca D’Angelo shares how an understanding of “moods” helped her to navigate tough terrain in both the workplace and the end of a marriage. Once she was able to recognize low moods, she was able to step away from unproductive conversations, take things less personally, and have more compassion and understanding toward herself and others. She also saw that her experience of stress was coming from her need to control, to ensure things go according to plan. When she saw that things have a way of working out in the end, in spite of our own expectations and plans, her experience shifted. Rebecca shares how loosening her grip on control allowed her to find true freedom within.

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