086: How An Understanding of the Mind is Helping on the Frontlines with Mackenzie Young - Barbara Patterson


Episode 086

How An Understanding of the Mind is Helping on the Frontlines

Interview with Mackenzie Young

Mackenzie Young is originally from Belleville, IL but is currently a Travel nurse on assignment in San Diego, CA. She has a background in stroke and cardiac step down ICU and is currently working with COVID patients during this crisis. She is a loving daughter, sister and friend and cannot forget, favorite godchild to Barb Patterson.

Today I’m joined by Mackenzie Young, a nurse working with patients on the frontlines of the Covid crisis, who also happens to be my niece! Mackenzie shares how an understanding of the mind has helped her to navigate even the most high stress situations in her line of work. Seeing the connection between thinking and feeling has allowed her to find resilience in moments of anxiety and reconnect to the present moment. Mackenzie shares how this insight reinvigorates her passion for her work and keeps her connected and grounded in moments of uncertainty.

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