084: How to Find Clarity of Mind In Turbulent Times with James Layfield - Barbara Patterson


Episode 084

How to Find Clarity of Mind In Turbulent Times

Interview with James Layfield

James Layfield is a serial entrepreneur and tech investor based between New York & London. He has a FinTech innovation business in the UK and in the US, an AI-based platform to lead enterprise through the process of finding the perfect software for their business, http://HelloBlackbox.com. He is an investor in a number of FinTechs: Lex, Gambit Rewards, Covered by Sage.

Today I welcome back serial entrepreneur, James Layfield, to discuss clarity of mind in turbulent times. James reflects on his tendency to seek stimulation and avoid boredom, and shares how this moment in time has presented a rare opportunity to settle down and get quiet inside. This stillness has allowed him to recalibrate, see beyond the momentary worry and reactivity, and step up as a leader. James highlights how even in times of tumult and turmoil, there is well being and clarity of mind to be found.

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