083: Your Greatest Resource at This Time with Aaron Turner - Barbara Patterson


Episode 083

Your Greatest Resource at This Time

Interview with Aaron Turner

Aaron Turner is the founder of One Thought, based in London, and primarily works with entrepreneurs, leaders and organizations from around the world. Aaron has dedicated his professional life to highlighting and applying the transformative potential of a new understanding of the mind to our current challenges and limitations. Through this understanding, he helps leaders move forward, connect more powerfully to their creativity, and unleash their best ideas. Aaron is also President of the Executive Board of the Three Principles Global Community, a non-profit organization, and a published author and international speaker.

Today I welcome back my friend and mentor, Aaron Turner, to discuss our greatest resource in times of uncertainty. Aaron presents us with an essential reminder: our state of mind is not at the mercy of circumstance. In this conversation, Aaron and I discuss the impact state of mind has on our resiliency, clarity of mind, and ability to adjust and adapt in any situation. Once we understand the fluid nature of thought, we are able to find our footing and rediscover our innate well being.

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