081: What Happens When Resiliency & Kindness Is The Byproduct with Jeremiah Krieger - Barbara Patterson


Episode 081

What Happens When Resiliency & Kindness Is The Byproduct

Interview with Jeremiah Krieger

Dr.Jeremiah Krieger is passionate about healing, and this passion drives him in all areas of his life. A dedicated father of four and a busy Chinese medicine practitioner, his philosophy is to help his patients lead a balanced, healthy life and experience radiant health. He is a frequent speaker on Chinese medicine for such audiences as Paramount Studios, the National Alliance for Mental Illness, Safe Harbor and Golden Bridge Yoga, to name a few. He has studied and taught Chinese Yoga, Chi Kung, and philosophy for over 20 years.

Today I speak with Chinese medicine practitioner and acupuncturist, Jeremiah Krieger. Since engaging with the understanding of the principles, Jeremiah has developed a playful approach toward life, deeper compassion for himself and others, and has connected more powerfully to his own resiliency. As a result of this compassion and inner wisdom, Jeremiah is able to point his patients to their own innate health and well-being. Jeremiah shares why he relies on the momentum of inspiration rather than thinking and wisely urges us to “never underestimate the power of kindness”.

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