Episode 077

The One Variable That Benefits Everything in Your Business

Interview with Don Donovan & George Pransky

Don Donovan has worked in and led large, complex, successful businesses in premier corporations like Sanders Associates, Lockheed, Lockheed Martin and BAE SYSTEMS. Now retired, Don consults with businesses in various industries. He is one of the founders of The Three Principles Global Community, a non-profit corporation, and served as the president of its Executive Board from 2009 to 2017.

Dr. George Pranksy is one of the original pioneers in the understanding of the Principles behind state-of-mind and its connection to the field of psychology and business. Dr. George Pransky is the founder and Senior Partner of Pransky and Associates and is the author of The Relationship Handbook.

Today you get to hear a talk given by Don Donovan and George Pransky, from the Beyond Limits Business Summit in Portland. Don & George share their experience of working together at BAE SYSTEMS, from creating culture change within a huge organization to impacting the “bottom line” of business. Together, they shed light on the significant implications of one single variable: State of mind.

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