Episode 076

What’s Possible When You Have a Strong Culture

Interview with Mads Qwist, Brooke Wheeldon-Reece, Cheryl Wilkie & Melissa Palazzo-Hart

Mads Qwist runs a consulting company in Denmark sharing this understanding with organizations and leaders.

Brooke Wheeldon-Reece is the President and Chief Executive Officer for SPARK Initiative in Tampa, Florida.

Cheryl Wilkie is the Chief Operating Officer for Farnum Center in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Melissa Palazzo-Hart is COO & Managing Director at Sid Lee USA in Los Angeles, California.


Today you get to hear a panel discussion from the Portland Beyond Limits Business Summit. You will hear stories that demonstrate the impact of this understanding across a variety of organizations, each with a vastly different set of circumstances. Whether it’s creating culture change within a company, turning a company around, or helping a company close its doors, the understanding is the secret weapon that unites these stories of powerful transformation and hope.


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