Episode 070

The Gift of the Unknown & Letting Clarity Come to You

Interview with Christine Heath

Christine Heath has nearly 40 years of experience as a therapist with extensive experience in substance abuse treatment, family violence, stress reduction, special education/mental health needs for children and adolescents, consultation and training for businesses and healthcare professionals. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist in both Hawaii and Minnesota, as well as a Master Addiction Counselor and an Internationally Certified Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselor. She is also the co-author of the book “The Secret of Love: Unlock the Mystery, Unleash the Magic”. An internationally-renowned trainer of the Three Principles, Ms. Heath currently provides training and consultation based on the Three Principles to businesses, health care agencies, and schools and provides training and seminars nationally and internationally.

Today you get to hear an interview with Christine Heath, that took place as part of my Mastermind group. Christine shares how this understanding of the mind has helped shape her experience as an entrepreneur, from building teams and opening clinics to developing her unique leadership style. What used to be fear of the unknown has transformed into “excitement about life”. This understanding has given her the ability to withstand the highs and lows of business without reacting from a place of ego, fear or urgency. Christine explains why sometimes in business the best move is to step away and let clarity come to you.

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