Episode 069

Follow Your Enthusiasm, Engage & Discover New Growth

Interview with Maura Moynihan

Maura Moynihan is the owner and operator of Rosewood Family Healing Center: a collaborative, integrative, alternative healing center for families of Los Angeles. She practices chiropractic, craniosacral, energy healing and breathwork healing. Maura also facilitates women’s groups, has a coaching practice, and travels around the country with her husband teaching spiritual psychology through breathwork facilitation. 

In today’s conversation, I speak with Maura Moynihan. When Maura began to gain a new understanding of the mind, it completely shifted the way she did business. Through this understanding, she had a “powerfully influential” insight: it wasn’t her logical mind leading the way, but rather her own innate, quiet wisdom guiding her. Seeing the playful nature of this insight gave her the permission to follow her enthusiasm, fully engage, and step into new levels of growth, inspiration and flow. Maura goes on to describe the far reaching impact of this, sharing how it has changed her parenting style and enabled her to see her husband with brand new eyes.

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