Episode 068

How to Mentally Reset in Your Business

Interview with Lila Turner

Lila Turner left a 20-year career as a womenswear designer to join the One Thought team where she designs, develops and provides programs for organizations and individuals in order to address the ‘leaky bucket’ issues people face in their lives and their businesses. Lila is also the founder and CEO of Relationship Ready. She feels that what she has learned in recent years has greatly impacted the quality of her relationship and enabled her to have a rich, loving and softer experience of her partner and herself within her marriage. She feels everyone deserves to be in a loving relationship. She is currently on the faculty of the One Thought Foundations Program developing new practitioners and is a regular conference speaker and presenter both in the UK and abroad.

In today’s conversation, Lila Turner reflects on a time in her life when things were going well; she was productive, had a thriving career, a devoted relationship and two amazing kids. However, even though she was high functioning, it was tense inside her head. She was often anxious and revved up. Things started to change once she realized there could be another way to “do life” and that she could live in a better feeling.  When she was able to take herself off her mind, she was able to experience more presence and deeper listening with others, as well as more impact and more connection. Lila shares how listening is the “life hack for well-being” and the source of clarity and “mental resets” in business.

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