067: Making Mistakes & Being Human in Business with Pam Dunn - Barbara Patterson


Episode 067

Making Mistakes & Being Human in Business

Interview with Pam Dunn

Pam Dunn has been a catalyst for transformative learning and leadership development for more than 20 years. In 2004, Pam authored Journey to Your Soul’s Magnificence – What a Difference a Year Makes, published by Nightingale-Conant. Her second book, It’s Time to Look Inside – To see yourself and everyone through the lens of magnificence was released in 2014 and published by Balboa Press. Both works provide the reader with tangible tools and effective practices for positive, sustainable change. Pam created Your Infinite Life Training & Coaching Company in 2008, and developed multiple coaching and training platforms. The company has helped thousands of people and countless companies/organizations/teams change their lives and ways of working for the better. She also founded The Peaceful Project, a non-profit 501(C)3 Corporation. Through the Peaceful Project, she and her team primarily work with youth and schools to change any destructive and ineffective behaviors, become more responsible for all of their behavior and self-esteem and unleash the power of peace in their lives, no matter their age.

Today I speak with Pam Dunn, a solopreneur of over 22 years, to discuss the profound impact of reconnecting to her own humanity and love of leadership. Pam describes herself as having a “high capacity and excitement for life”. In the past, this often translated into an intense, and sometimes harsh, style of leadership. Since learning to lean into her humanity, she now approaches challenges with tenderness and vulnerability and is able to relate to her team more compassionately and effectively than ever before. Pam shares why it’s not only O.K. to make mistakes, but why you can also allow others to make mistakes.

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