Episode 062

How to Keep Your Presence of Mind in Times of Crisis

Interview with Mahima Shrestha

With an extensive background in media and crisis communications, Mahima Shrestha is obsessed with bringing bright people together to find solutions to complex problems. Over the years she has handled PR, media relations and corporate communications for government, multilateral, private and non-profit organizations in a wide range of sectors including aviation, hydropower, finance, healthcare and more. As a crisis communications consultant, she works with entrepreneurs, think tanks and innovators as well as organizations and individuals involved in a range of high stakes situations.

As a crisis communications consultant, Mahima Shrestha is familiar with high-stakes, high-stress, urgent situations. It is a common misconception that these situations must be met with highly-charged, high-stress responses to be effective. It is also an industry that heavily relies on protocol, training, and planning to best prepare for an uncertain and unknown outcome. Though planning is essential, it does not guarantee certainty. As Mahima says, “in the moment of a crisis, there’s nothing else to rely on except presence of mind.”

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