054: How to Live in Ease & Well-being When Things Change with Emma Bolger - Barbara Patterson


Episode 054

How to Live in Ease & Well-being When Things Change

Interview with Emma Bolger

Emma is someone who juggles multiple roles, all with one common theme – connection. With over 13 years of holistic marketing communications experience, Emma collaborates with individuals, organisations and the media to connect brands with their consumers; leads RPM classes to connect individuals with their personal health goals; and has recently entered #mumlife which she says has opened a whole new dimension of connection, as she mindfully raises her daughter, Sofia.

In today’s conversation, I speak with Emma Bolger. Having previously identified as a “fixer”, Emma relied on careful planning and organization to guide her through life’s twists and turns. She was both becoming a new mother and facing challenging transitions at work, when she began to learn about the role of thought. Emma describes this understanding as being a “game-changer”, allowing her to flow through life more easily. She’s discovered that she can live in a feeling of well-being, clarity, and connection, even in the midst of great change.


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