053: Stay Open, Curious & Flexible for Surprising Results with Emma-Kate Rose & Rob Pekin - Barbara Patterson


Episode 053

Stay Open, Curious & Flexible for Surprising Results

Interview with Emma-Kate Rose & Rob Pekin

Emma-Kate Rose and Robert Pekin are co-owners of the well known Brisbane social enterprise, Food Connect. Emma-Kate and Rob are on a mission to democratise the food system to address many of the social and environmental problems with food access, distribution, and treating growers and workers fairly. They recently raised over $2 million with their community of 513 “Careholders” through an equity crowdfunding campaign to buy their warehouse, becoming Australia’s first community-owned local food hub.

Today I am joined by business and life partners, Emma-Kate Rose and Rob Pekin. While receiving relationship counseling, they were introduced to an understanding of the mind that had a major impact, not only in their relationship, but in their lives as a whole. Emma-Kate and Rob explain why they no longer fight against nature, and instead, embrace the unknown. As they share their experiences, they highlight how living openly, curiously, and authentically can lead to surprising and delightful results.


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