052: The Importance of Vitality in Business with Scott Kelly - Barbara Patterson


Episode 052

The Importance of Vitality in Business

Interview with Scott Kelly

Scott has spent over 23 years as a coach, mentor, and integrative health practitioner assisting individuals in reconnecting to their innate health and well-being, improving performance and living with clarity. State of mind coaching is the foundation to his integrative health and well-being programs and has worked with professional athletes, Olympians, couples, families, teams, corporations and individuals who want to live, work, perform and play from their inner vitality.

Today I’m joined by Scott Kelly to discuss the importance of wellbeing, health, and vitality. Scott’s work as a coach, mentor, and health practitioner has illuminated a simple but compelling truth; there is a formless intelligence that informs the healing of our bodies and minds. This invisible force has the ability to revitalize and rebalance us, allowing us to approach challenges with new energy, creativity, and fresh perspective. In sharing his own unique and powerful insights, Scott points us back to the “indestructible vitality” that resides in all of us.


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