Episode 044

Does Anxiety Get In Your Way?

Interview with Nicola Bird 

Nicola Bird is the author of the newly released book, A Little Peace of Mind. She has founded a global platform under the same name where she helps clients find freedom from panic attacks, anxiety and stress. The platform has attracted over a million views from people around the world and includes online and virtual programs. Nicola is most excited to let others know the simplicity, ease and grace with which this has happened is completely different to the driving, striving and work-really-hard-because-then-you’ll-make-it she used to grow her previous software business. In Nicola’s words, “There is something different powering my business. Something truly awesome.”

Today I welcome back Nicola Bird to discuss her new book, A Little Peace of Mind, and her personal journey in the grips of anxiety, panic attacks, and stress. Nicola shares how her understanding of innate well-being has been transformative in harnessing more joy, ease, and peace in her life. Since coming across this understanding, her relationship to fear and anxiety has forever changed. Nicola points to a resilience and freedom that already exist within us.

Learn More: A Little Peace of Mind

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